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With Maia Elise

Content Elevate(HER). 

Have you been doing content creating for years now? Are you tired of thinking and solely want to focus on creating? Imagine you had a strategic consultant give you all the content gems to grow, scale and conquer? Content Elevate(HER) is the perfect package for content creators and influencers look to elevate and upgrade their content to promote more growth, more community, and more engagement. 

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Add ons include brand outreach and Youtube strategy (substitute with Tiktok)

  • Customized social strategy (Instagram, tiktok, youtube). 
  • bi-monthly audits per platform 
  • customized instagram hashtags sets
  • Weekly Tiktok Content Ideas 
  • Weekly Instagram Content Ideas
  • Monthly Youtube video ideas 
  • 4 strategy calls per month ( 1 call a week).

Empower Your Influence Management 

Are you sick of spending so much time responding to brands, pitching yourself to brands? Empower Your Influence Management is for all content creators and influencers ready to take a step back from the administrative tasks and have a talent manager secure the bag! This package personally handles all sponsored content, outreach, pitching, media kit and calendar management. 

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  • Personalized brand email 
  • media kit creation 
  • rate sheet creation 
  • brand excell spreadsheet organizer 
  • email management 
  • calendar management 
  • Pitching & negotation 

Upgrade Instagram strategy package for daily engagement 5 hours a week for an additional $500.

A-List Evergreen

You’re an A-List influencer and it’s time you focus solely on the bigger better opportunities coming your way! This package is ideal for influencers and content creators who truly don’t have a lot of time on their hands considering how much success they are having and really need someone to completely manage and man their accounts! While you handle the creativity, we take control for strategy, management, growth, visibility and revenue increase! 

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IG management + strategy 
  ◦ Bimonthly Audit 
  ◦ Weekly content ideas
  ◦ Content calendar
  ◦ Hashtags Sets (3x30)
  ◦ Copywriting (Caption creation).
  ◦ Engagement 

Pinterest Management
  ◦ 15 IDEA PINS

Youtube management + strategy 
  ◦ Bimonthly Audits
  ◦ Thumbnail strategy 
  ◦ Monthly Content ideas + Brainstorm
  ◦ Content calendar for filming & posting. 
  ◦ Community posts creations and scheduling
  ◦ COMment moderation

Tiktok Strategy 
  ◦ Bi monthly audits 
  ◦ customized tiktok strategy 
  ◦ weekly trending content ideas

Step One

Determine which package works best for you! Identify exactly what it is you are struggling with and where you would like to invest more of your time. 

Then fill out the application.

Step Two

Schedule a discovery call with Maia. This discovery call is meant to identify whether or not this partnership will be a good fit for the both of you. We will talk about your former experience with assistance and support and also discuss your application to better identify your concerns and goals. 

After the discovery call a proposal will be sent via email to identify the exact offer and rates.

Step Three

Once you have decided to move forward with these services a contract, welcome kit and invoice will be sent via email. The first two weeks are dedicated to planning and crafting out your strategy before the initial kick off call to go over all findings. Afterwards implementation begins. 

Here's How You Can Get Started

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July 2019

Began finding internships as a social media manager and discovering my passion for social media and digital marketing. 

May 2020

Earned a summer internship with Mikayal Shocks (@mama.shocks) as a social media manager and strategist as well as influencer partnership assistant. 

July 2020

Lost my corporate Global Public Affairs internship to Covid-19. 

“She makes you feel like every goal is possible”

“Maia’s strategies, support and guidance have tremendously elevated my business/ brand. Every goal that we’ve laid out has been achieved. Maia is super smart, easy to work with, and has a “Let’s win” attitude. She makes you feel like every goal is possible and she does a wonderful job of laying out the steps and tools to get you there. 

I also love how buttoned up and process oriented Maia is. She runs her business like a boss and I appreciate that. She’s on it, but without being rigid. Maia seems to thrive and truly find joy in helping others grow. I’m so happy she was was referred to me by a trusted friend. I love working with Maia and look forward to more more more!”


"She gave research-based suggestions to cultivate an engaging relationship with my audience."

I had an amazing time working with Maia, I came into our relationship knowing that I wanted more direction with my brand and understanding what my audience wanted from me. Maia was detailed and organized in analyzing holes within my content and gave research-based suggestions on how to create dynamic content that would cultivate an engaging relationship with my audience. 

She is truly a hard worker, about her business, goes above and beyond, takes constructive criticism and I saw amazing improvement with my social media channels. I highly recommend her! 

Chizi Duru 

Client Spotlight 

Client Spotlight 

Other Services Include

Are you feeling stuck in your business or brand? You have everything laid out in front of you, but you don’t know what move to make next? Or — maybe you’re completely new to your industry and you’re looking for input. Book a 1 hour long strategy call where we can go over anything and everything pertaining to your business or brand goals!