Meet Maia Elise

Maia Perry is the founder of Maia Elise LLC an influencer brand strategy and marketing support agency. In August of 2020, after losing her internship due to COVID-19, Perry decided to take a leap of faith and begin her lifelong dream of owning her own business. Utilizing the skills she learned from Mikayla Shocks, Perry dove deeply into the influencer digital marketing realm and began to support influencers and content creators in an effort to scale their brand! 

A content creator and advocate

Aside from being a young entrepreneur she is also a content creator focusing on all things lifestyle! An advocate for self-love, body positivity and life, Maia creates content centered around relaxation, self-care, treating yourself and confidence. She encourages her audience to fall in love with themselves and feel empowered both professionally and creatively.

Aug 2020

Started working on my business as a virtual assistant supporting influencers and content creators. 

Dec 2020

Graduated from GMU with a Bachelors in Communication and concentration in Public Relations.

Jan 2021

I became fully booked working specifically with influencers owning a 6 figures business at the age of 23.

July 2019

Began finding internships as a social media manager and discovering my passion for social media and digital marketing. 

May 2020

Earned a summer internship with Mikayal Shocks (@mama.shocks) as a social media manager and strategist as well as influencer partnership assistant. 

July 2020

Lost my corporate Global Public Affairs internship to Covid-19. 




I am a singer, creative writer and poet! I love spending my free time writing and creating. 

I am an enneagram 2 and have an INFJ personality type. 

I was born into a military family. My father served in the United States Army for 24 years.  

I have lived in 5 different states and one other country.  

I am an aspiring author and plan to publish my own book.

I went viral on Vine for singing a Maroon 5 song when I was 13.  

I love creative writing and I have millions of reads on my stories on Wattpad. 

“She believed she could so she did”

Looking to work with me and uplevel your biz?

Are you an influencer or content creator looking to scale your brand and become highly visible? As an influencer brand strategist and marketing support, Maia’s main goal is scale your brand, increase your revenue and offer a helping hand here and there!